Claims Scenarios / Product Summaries:

Standard Insurance Policies Offered:
What they basically address and cover:

Errors & Omissions / Professional Liability:  Defense and Indemnification for (alleged) negligent acts,
errors or omissions related to your products and services.  

Commercial General Liability: The most basic type of commercial insurance and is limited to liability
claims of bodily injury or property damage your firm incurs

Directors and Officers: Protects D&O’s and corporation against shareholder, customer and other

Workers Compensation – Employer’s Liability: Insures if / when workers are injured on the job
Employment Practices Liability * Responds to harassment, discrimination and wrongful termination

Business Owners & Package Policies: Combination policies often general liability Property, hired and
non-auto insurance. Ideal for small to mid-sized firms with low premiums.  

Umbrella or Excess: These policies provide excess coverage over underlying scheduled policies like
General Liability.

Miscellaneous Professional Liability: Errors and Omissions coverage for over 95 class types.

Patent, Copyright / Trademark Insurance: Copyright & Trademark Infringement is standard in most of
our professional errors and omissions policies.   We can offer both
Patent Defense and Enforcement
Protection Policies. These are carefully provided and underwritten on a case by case basis. In addition,
our standard policies include copy / trademark infringement coverage, which is a leading cause of claim
in the technology and media sectors.  

Network Security Coverage:  This is standard in most of our professional errors and omissions
policies.  Covers hacks, viruses, loss of web and network services. Our policies can indemnify both
your firm and other parties that suffer financial losses.

Multimedia, Advertising and Personal Injury Liability:  Libel, slander, defamation, invasion of privacy
both off and on-line.

Hired and Non-Owned Auto:           What is Hired Automobile Coverage?
Hired Auto coverage can either supplement or replace a car rental agency's liability coverage. But
because Hired Auto insurance doesn't cover physical damage to a rented vehicle, it still makes sense
to purchase the rental agency's physical damage coverage. The Hired Auto policy's liability coverage
protects only your company, not the employee driving the rented vehicle. As such, it supplements the
driver's own auto liability coverage. Just as if he or she were driving a personal vehicle, in the event of
an accident, the employee would still be personally liable for injuries or property damage to third parties.

What is Non-Owned Automobile Coverage
Non-Owned Auto coverage protects your company should it be sued due to an auto accident while one
of your employees is on company business in a personal vehicle. Unlike a personal auto policy, this
coverage will not protect you or your employee. As with Hired Auto coverage, this coverage protects
the company only and supplements the driver's personal auto liability coverage.

Why You Need Hired and Non-Owned Automobile Coverage
If an employee of your company has a serious auto accident in their own vehicle or in a rented vehicle
while on company business and their personal insurance is not enough to cover the claim, your
company can be held responsible. These claims can be catastrophic. Every business owner should
seriously consider this coverage

* These claims and product summaries are examples of those that have been encountered in the types
of exposures and business noted above. Coverage for these claims is not to be inferred from this list
but must always be determined in reference to a particular insurance policy, which is the controlling
document, as well as the facts and circumstances of each claim and applicable law.
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